About me!

Welcome to Endless Elevation. Where this is a lifestyle!! As you may know or not know, my name is Fasika, but I go with Fifi! I am excited to announce to you all, that I am finally releasing this platform. I can't wait to finally bring all of my visions to life, so make sure to go check out, the mission link at the top of the blog. For now, I will go ahead and introduce my self. Currently, I am 19 years old, going to college and pursuing engineering. I also work full time and attend church regularly, at YAY ministry in Seattle. 

Right now, I'm in this area of my life, where I am trying to learn about myself and grow from my experiences. Every day is more amazing, as I get to know my self and my purpose here on earth. I am excited about the transformation that always takes place, as I learn from my past and actually get to see the fruit of it all. By starting this platform I get to enjoy expressing my visions, my journey, my thoughts and emotions through words. In the end, the purpose and main points of Endless elevation would be to really encourage you guys and let you know there is always hope. Knowing this I want you guys to walk your own journey in a better way. We are all called on this earth with purpose and I believe that we can grow nonstop, and be better no matter what. 

If I can always be changed endlessly, so can you. Just ask and believe in the transformation that will take place! I myself truly believe in growing from experience, and always climbing higher and being the best I can be. That is why I am so excited to bring all of my visions to life. I have a story to tell, a journey that I am walking, and a Joy that I need to spread. Thank you guys for visiting my blog, and sharing all of this with you guys has definitely been a reward.