As the leaves change the seasons change

I  believe fall is a season of change, where you experience a transition, and an opportunity for a fresh start. Just as we recognize how the colors of the leaves turn from green to orange, we start to see the new beginning that eventually takes place. Soon those leaves will begin to fall and new leaves will start to grow. In this case, it marks the ongoing process; it is a symbol of an ending and a new beginning. It is definitely an awesome season to be in, for it helps us understand how we all have the chance to move, from one area of our lives to another. We have to always make sure we better ourselves, and mold who we are, in the visions we have set for ourselves. It also teaches us how we have to let go of everything that is hurting us from our past, and start fresh. It is so breathtaking to be told that we do not need to be the same exact person we were just yesterday. We can be different and more elevated. We can start to transform our lives and live our visions, and reach our goals. What a true relief it is to just enjoy the moment and know that there is no hold against us, because of who we were in our past. Today is another day, a different day, it is a better day, and we need to truly live in the present and cherish every moment. We can only live in the fact that we have learned from our mistakes, and have taken a lesson, from our past. Now all we have to do is makes sure we keep on walking the rest of our journey even better. 

This had definitely been a time of restoration and healing for me, and that is why I can truly say, fall is my favorite season! To be able to Experience fall, year after year in this beautiful city is something I am so grateful for. I have come to love my life in Seattle and have built myself a foundation for the daily. Ever since I started to be more positive about everything in my life, I have come to understand how lucky I truly am. God has truly blessed me, and because of him I have grown so much. This makes me so much more thankful, and helps me understand the value for every detail that is in my life. I am literally so grateful just to be able to walk out of my classes every day and be able to feel the breeze, and just feel refreshed every time. Life has been so much more better every since I have come to appreciate everything, it truly has takes away all the chaos in my mind and has filled me with peace. It is these simple things that keep me going in the daily, and I can keep protecting this peace and joy I have in me.

Last Monday I had officially started my fall term at my college. To be honest, as I started school again I was terrified, so scared to relive through all my old experiences over again. The transition from my spring term had left me paranoid and traumatized about everything in my life. During this summer of 2018, I have done a lot of meditating, on where I stand and where should be at, not just in school but also in life itself. It made me think twice about everything I am doing, and that made me scared. I mean when all your plan falls apart over and over again you kind get jinxed out. All I ever did was just dream about the future and make plans but never paid actual attention to my present life. From the start of summer to now, I have learned that there really are consequences in the actions I take. I seriously cannot even begin to express to you guys how much of a talker I am but never actually take actions in things I proclaim.


Before summer had started, I had made lots of plan, for my new school year and things I wanted to get done during the summer. I wanted to move out of states! I wanted to live own my own, rent an apartment, and live with a roommate. I also had literally changed my engineering major 1000 times. In the end none of these plan actually came through, because I am just a talker and I only moved in my emotions. The hardest part was all summer I had wanted to change my major, not because I didn't like it, but because I wanted to run away. I had finally realized that, I cannot runway because it is hard or because I am not getting good scores. I am determined to go into this fall term, to prove myself, that I can do it. I know my problem, and my problem is biting more than I can chew.  I just have to make sure I do things one at a time so I do not stress myself. I am so happy so far in the person I have been shaping my self into. As much as I hated the old me, if it were not for the past Fifi I would not be here now. I am glad I went through what I did, if I had not seen the dark I would not have known the purpose of the light. I am so excited to say healing and restoration have finally come over life.