Hey, guys welcome back to FIFI’s Endless Elevation blog site!! I am super excited to talk about this next topic, for it has been something I have really been learning and improving myself on for a long time. I am no expert at this what so over, but I still will be sharing what I have personally been learning so far, and a few tips in what worked for me and what didn’t work for me. For the past month of October and November, I have been meditating on what self-motivation is and how to stay motivated in a long term. I am super ready to go on and share with you guys a little bit about this, and how it has affected my lifestyle.

Before I begin, I just want to share with you where your motivation should always come from. I personally learned that our motivation should not come from the things of the world, but is an inspiration that should come from God. In this world motivation now, days come from different things, like self-obsession, self- worship, and was always about the “me”. Instead of that being the case, let God be where your strength comes from, and where your humility and obedience flourish from. We need to take care of ourselves but also watch out not to lose control, of our focus and be humble always. So the true source of our motivation, should come from the desire in pleasing our father, and to be an obedient child. That will truly be the only way true motivation will flow within you, and make sure you use your words to speak life over you; it will give you strength and motivation.

So I have been wondering, have you ever been in a situation where you had many goals to accomplish, but every time it seems to be very difficult to get it done? Sometimes it even takes months to reach a small goal, or never even get close enough to it. If that is the case I can personally relate, and I am so tired, frustrated, and pissed about it. This very reason has caused me in the past to be depressed and less confident in myself. All this has been something that I have been struggling with for the past 19 years of my life. I have struggled everyday for a motivation, to be able to come out of my lazy habit and actually get something done. To be honest I just wanted a major change, and wanted to changed the way I walked my life. Even in the past I have always wondered and questioned myself why I could not live my life based on my actions and my true accomplishments, instead of living my life through my dirty lies.

Motivation can be a hard thing to keep so here some 10 Don'ts

What NOT to do!

  • Stop indulging your fears
  • Do not doubt yourself
  • Stop thinking negatively
  • Do not give up!
  • Do not pressure yourself
  • Don’t give yourself a long due date to your goals
  • Stop being comfortable in your laziness
  • Stop doing things you don’t enjoy or isn’t within your ability 
  • Stop surrounding yourself with a bad environment 
  • Stop having a crazy schedule; do not bite off more than you chew

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