Hey yall, I am back with round two!! On part one I had talked about what not to do so you can stay motivated, so for this week I will be talking about what you should do to stay motivated. Before I get into that, I want to share with you guys the rest of my experience that I started to write about in my last post. To be honest looking back at all this I am so grateful for God for helping me through this season of my life. As I share with you guys my thoughts, and my struggles, I want you to keep in mind and realize the similar things that you might currently be going through, and to be smart and escape it before it continues to hurt you. 

Throughout my life, I have continuously experienced failure repeatedly. At first, I really didn't get it, why I was so lazy when I don't want to be, or why I never could truly change myself to the person I always envisioned for me. Whether it is school, at home, or at church, nothing ever really went in the direction I want. Everything always seemed to go downhill every day, and I am exhausted and tired of it. I will be truthful, I am a very lazy person, and to cover my laziness I always lied. Soon this becomes a habit, so eventually; my mind was convinced that my lies were the truth. This only drove me into a corner where I could not come out off easily. I was truly lost and stuck for as long as I can think off. My lies were like an escape from my reality. I had created a fairytale, a story that was never even true. It was all fun and games for a while but, once I started to wonder why I felt so disgusted and ugly, I started to want to change the source of where I had gone wrong.

 As I started to change myself, I had to tear all of my walls, and my false image I had created. I have to say, throwing away all my surface lies made me feel so vulnerable to the world, and that truly was the scariest thing I endured. For a while before I gave up, I was telling myself all kinds of encouraging things, to make sure I continued on wards, and let out the true me, even if it means I am vulnerable. This is when I came to the conclusion, that I no longer want to have a false image as who I am but a true real thing that I actually can see and prove. The one thing I never expected was how hard it was to make the lie come true by action. I never knew it actually took hard work, instead of just a simple statement that comes out of your mouth. It made me hustle and even tested my patience, but soon I started to lose every motivation I had in me. I questioned everything and slowly I started to quit everything I started and went right back to the person I was before. It is my cycle of life, to hide in my comfort zone, and it was so easy to do. No changes took place for as long I can remember, but this only started tearing me down inside even more than before. It even caused me to be this ugly fake and lazy person who couldn't do one thing, and that made me really hate myself. So after a whole cycle of this journey I finally got the strength to start fresh and begin this new journey of self-love and transformation of who I was, and now I have all the motivation I need to keep going.

Motivation can be a hard thing to keep so here some 10 Do's:

What you SHOULD do!

. Be positive and speak life into your day
. Be hopeful and start having faith
. Have goals to achieve and award yourself
. Start to do what makes you happy, make things fun for you!
. Be action oriented
. Do not ever stop doing something  
. Start your day accomplishing something
. Have a schedule but be flexible with it
. Be always determined
. Try to live out of your comfort zone, make things exciting and not too boring

Before I say bye to you guys, I just want to tell myself and you guys to start challenging each other, on trying things out of our comfort zone. I want this year to begin with accomplishments and a new beginning of a fresh lifestyle. Let start a move. I AM SO READY 2019!!

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