To find purpose

           Hey everyone, I am back again with another blog post! I hope you were able to read my last post called, "Trying to stay motivated!--Part Two!!". I know that for the past couple of months I have been very irregular in my posts, and I have let all of you down. Even though that's the case, I have grown a lot in the past couple of months, and I will do my best to show you the content that I work very hard on. I want you to know that I take everything I put out seriously because, all my writings reveal my feelings and my true intentions in this life. I would love to be able to communicate with you through this and let you feel something from the stories that I share.

             As for this post, my title tells you everything. In case you missed it - yup! I am on a journey to finally discover what my purpose is! What I want to talk about right now is something I have mentioned on my Instagram before. I need to talk about it with you since it’s been dawning on me for these past 2 months. Okay, maybe more than dawning -- I’ve been thinking about it a LOT! “If the 15 years old Fifi saw me now, how would she react? She was definitely a girl who always thought that at 20 years old, she would have her entire life figured out.” I know what I have said is something you can relate to, or maybe you’ve been there or done that? But 20 years old Fifi doesn’t have it all figured out, not even close! So now, I want you to give me this chance, so I am not telling you but showing you who I am. Now days in our society full of instant gratification sometimes listening can be the hardest thing. But I want you to hear my voice and know that I am speaking from my soul.

See you next time! I will be back to finish the rest of the story! 

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